Lay bare at SM Davao Ecoland


How is you Summer rolling? have you already go to your favorite beach and expose yourself into the dazzling and hot Mr. sun? if not then you still have time to do it and to prepare for it don’t be scared and step into the sun together with the LAY BARE located at 2nd floor of SM Ecoland near Annex building they opened last April 5 2013

So to give you an idea about Lay bare it’s a waxing salon that use cold sugar wax jelly that made of sugar, Kalamansi and honey the combination looks like a peanut butter. I tell you I don’t usually go into a salon like this but when I have my chance I didn’t hesitate to try it imagining I’m wanting this for so long before If I have events to attend and dress in the formal outfit I just use shave to cut my hair on my feet but when it grows the texture of the hair really ruins and it became more darker and the growth of the hair is different from one another and it really sucks when I’m wearing my pants.

but last May 27 it all stop there and I find a new way to my old way I avail the Half leg (from toes to knees) for Php 330.00 and Underarm for Php 170.00 all cost for Php 500

The session start with my underarm the girl that assist me told me that it really hurt when it’s you first time in waxing but has a good effect compared to shaving she said that shaving can make the underarm dark and so it is kind of ouch for the first timers like me but I’m just thinking “Gandang tiis lang” I want to try wax and so I should carry on the pain (inhale and exhale) next is my half leg and for me I conclude that waxing at the back part of the legs is more painful (but don’t be scared just carry on)
the salon hours will depend on the mall hours if the mall will extend they will also extend their time plus the personnel that will assist you is really nice somehow you can talk to them to ease your mind set about the pain and overall I enjoyed my stay in Lay bare it will not last for hour thought just enjoy the moment and Lay Bare plus the facilities is a plus factor




overall the facilities,personnel and pricing of the Lay Bare is good having a professional personnel and the pricing is good knowing that the service has a class.


2 thoughts on “Lay bare at SM Davao Ecoland

  1. maylenoroyan says:

    im really scared about waxing any part of my body but i did try to wax my underarm using a waxing product.I bought the waxing product at watsons but as i put it on my underarm and was ready for the pain,it didnt pull out my hair.I guess its just a good product to begin with.Thanks for the blog review though.


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