Pineapple Crumble at Backyard Burgers Ecoland Davao City

photo courtesy by BB

It’s been always a crave for food after working out for 2 and 1/2 hours making me think to eat tasty delighting food in the other side of the story Backyad Burgers have it’s tasting event on their Pineapple Crumble by Davao bloggers thru Jonas fellow blogger and knowing the event it didn’t made me think twice to come (of course!). When I got there with my sister, Dan the baker behind the Pineapple Crumble talked about this delighting food he also shared that when he baked Pineapple after putting it on the refrigerator the next morning there is an appearance of tiny slices on it’s sides which is made possible by his brother oh well in that moment I want to grab the unsliced Pineapple infront of me and eat it whole but the long wait is over and favorite part the tasting of this delighting food.


closer look

I can really say that this is not your ordinary pie! at first glance this pie has it’s own twist on it’s crumble texture on it’s top together with the amazing taste of this special peanuts the first bite made me smile for seconds for it’s softness that melts into my tongue together with the taste of fresh harvest pineapple from Bukidnon as I took another bite I found my sister (lysafae) and friend (Jaiza) very satisfied as they finished tasting their Pineapple crumble but I can’t stop thinking how lovely to come up with this innovative Idea because it really tasted good that the Pineapple cuts blended with creamy but not that sweet toppings. Stopping at Backyard Burgers and having this Pineapple crumble as one of it’s Edition from Mercedes is all worth it. Dabawenyos who loves this pie you don’t necessarily have to go to Cagayan de Oro (where the pie originated made by Mercedes) to taste this pie you can have this now at your nearest BB branches for
Php 90 per slice.

The event don’t end here BB backyard won’t let us go home without tasting their burger of course!


with it’s beef and Kimchi the taste of spicy filling with very tasteful buns
this is a great taste for those who’s searching for special and mild spicy burger
the combo together with the black sesame seeds and cheese make it a flavorful BB Korean Burger


Two is better than one right? Spicy Bacon is on the list for us it’s a much spicy version with crunchy ingredients on it flavors all collide to give our taste buds a satisfying and fulfilling spicy bacon taste.

Photo courtesy by Jonas Labagala

for more info about the Pineapple crumble of Mercedes
follow their updates at Facebook –
Mercedes contact number – +(63) 917 309 0557
Arthur Daniel P. Mejia – Managing Director (the one who baked pie for us)
Backyard Burgers website:


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